All about Aerulz….

Hey frens out there….I WELCOME U. A simple Guy.. I really hope u guys enjoy reading my Blog…why now i’m writing a blog coz i plan to be quieter because i realized i talked too much and often get my ass into trouble for nothing. Eeerrrr, but then again, trouble is my middle name. I’m one of those your mummy warned you abt coz when i smile, u’ll be like a lil child =). I’ll be lying if i wer to say i don’t mind people talking shit about me but it really doesnt matter anyway at the end of the day. To me, family and my love ones comes first, then work, then friends. I dream big coz i noe the sky’s the limit. A little lazy at times but do not underestimate me. Bite me and I’ll slap u silly. My actions are every bit sincere for i believe that it’s from within then only people will respect you. i’m not saying i’m perfect okiee…and nor the best…im just sayin im incredible! Whoa..just kiddin just kiddin…doobidoobidoo =) Assume ur position, stop look and listen, i’ll spit at ur game and make u look like a chicken. i’m doing what the Pros do coz broke aint a state that i would like to go tru. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do nowadays coz at the end of the day, people only seem to remember all the bad chapters ,don’t u think so? I’m not saying i’m perfect but i’m incredible!! (those who get it, get It!=p)…friends..aahhh, they come and go, and come back again and go again once they get wat they want, agree? untill now i dunno who my true friends are but wat i do noe are those who aren’t. period! but hey, i have my own La Cosa Nostra and i can definitely rely my back on them. i love La Family very much and they are always my priority coz they are all i’ve got at the end of the day.

To all my supporters,  ceh ceh ceh…..thank you for showing ur love all these years..i will not disappoint u and will give my utmost sincerity and i have bigger dreams coming up… i. I’m definitely going for the latter. May ALLAH Bless Everybody! and may the force be with u…!

Selamat beramal………evryone


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