This entry mostly aboout me….

Posted: December 5, 2011 in 2011


Ini mungkin entry yang panjang..bukan jugak takzirah..cuma tentang hidup..from my point of view..sesuatu yang gua rasa gua perlu cakap..untuk diri gua..atau lu orang yang singgah baca..

I am just a simple man, no better and no worse than any of you. When I speak, I try to mean what I say and lets the words come from my heart. I do not have all the answers for life and I am quite sure that many know a whole lot more than me.

I try to avoid drama in my life. I’ve found through experience, that sometimes it is much better to not say something until I’ve really thought about what I have to say. Usually the things that confuse me or cause me conflict are those that I keep to myself.

I’ve kept a journal most of my life. That is where I say the things which are deepest in my heart. All I want is to grow, to ever progress, and to become better with every day and each experience. Sometimes Life is a rough journey for me.

Maybe sometimes it just might be better to go ahead and just say what I am thinking?

Life is life. It means living in the moment and facing whatever knocks at your door, whether you like it or not.

We all have hopes, dreams, aspirations, even fantasies we surely wish were real. But Life isn’t all sugarcane and soft bubbles blowing in the wind. It is Reality.

Sometimes it’s all good and it feels like we’ve got the tiger by the tail and we’re flying high. Other times, it’s all cold and hard; sometimes brutally painful. We sure didn’t ask for all the heartache and if we had our ruthers, it would certainly be much different.

The trick is in trying to keep a good attitude and get through all those difficult times to the other side where it can be good again. Because, believe me, nothing ever stays the same for too long. Life is full of surprises.

When we are going through a particularly rough time, it seems real easy for others to tell us just what we should do to make it better. But how do they know? Have they, or are they going through exactly what you are?

When I am having a rough time of it, I try to listen to the advice others give, and put it in some kind of perspective that fits me. Sometimes I take the advice and sometimes I don’t. It all just depends on me and where I am right now.

One thing I do know is nothing stays the same. I’ve faced many a dark period in my life, and I’ve had many a blessing for which to be grateful. Things happen. Days come and they go. I live my life.

I am going through one of those particularly rough times right now. I have been for a couple of months now. It all ties into my job and my projects. I ache about it. I cry over it. I rail to God about it. Then I sit still in my madness and accept it. I listen to advice. Some of it I take, and some of it I just let go.

You see, nothing is ever quite as easy as it seems. I do what I must to get through to the other side. I know that I will, because I always have before. Why should this time be much different?
im done.

Aerulz Asmue


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