Sometimes nicers people are the big time ASSHOLE!

Posted: November 8, 2010 in 2010

What did you think when you read the blog title? Probably nothing close to what I am about to tell….Chances are you have never even thought of such things, but I believe after you do think about them, you will come to all sorts of realizations. We all hide behind our mask,so no one is able to see our true selves, we have insecurities and secrets, and get mad at anyone who doesn’t understand, when they can’t because we hide behind our masks. Its the horrible truth, some people are strong enough to rip away the mask,others need you to take it off for them to understand you,you might say I put on this mask to see who will care enough to take it off, but some people care enough but aren’t strong enough too. what about them? how will you let them help you when you hide behind your mask?

Woes,foes,friends,and joes all have masks,so don’t close yourself off,if someone doesn’t understand but wants to help you, let them!tell them, poor your heart into that person,if you think they can’t handle it i believe they can,that’s what friends are for! i believe we were put here to help each other, to help and be helped!we all have masks, and always will, so let someone see your true face once in a while, i hope you’ll never regret it.

slamat beramal……………see u in my next blog…coming up next…tungguuuuuu..


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